Residential Life

Living on campus is one of the most impactful experiences a student will have during college. Students have the unique opportunity to live with students from a variety of diverse backgrounds.

The Office of Residential Life is committed to excellence in the development of a living-learning environment that contributes to student success. All professional and paraprofessional staff provide purposeful experiences that will develop students as engaged, responsible and inclusive members of a community.

Quinnipiac houses approximately 5,000 students in university housing, which includes traditional residence halls, suites, townhouses, apartments and single-family homes. For the convenience of our students, Residential Life offices are located on the Mount Carmel Campus in the Student Affairs Center and on the York Hill Campus in the Rocky Top Student Center.

University Housing Options

The university offers a variety of student housing options. Students progress toward more independent living from year to year.

First-Year Residential Experience (FYRE)

First-year students are offered a variety of living options: Irma and Dana are traditional residence halls with two to three people to a room and a community bathroom; Ledges and Commons feature quad-style rooms for four people with a community bathroom; Larson, Troup, and Mountainview are suite-style housing consisting of four double-occupancy rooms and a bathroom in the suite. 

Sophomore Year Experience (SYE)

The sophomore year experience provides second-year students with a residential living environment that supports intellectual and interpersonal growth, self-reflection and co-curricular involvement through the development of intentional connections between students, faculty and staff in the Quinnipiac community. Sophomore students live on the Mount Carmel Campus in the Complex, Hill, Village or Perlroth or on the York Hill Campus in the Crescent.

Junior/Senior Housing

Juniors can choose to live on the York Hill Campus in apartment-style housing offered in the Crescent, Westview, Townhouses or Whitney Village. Apartments provide one to four bedrooms, a furnished living room, oversized bathroom and a kitchen. Seniors may select from available apartment-style housing at Eastview and university-owned houses. Most seniors have single bedrooms and all have an extended housing contract. Students living in university-owned houses are minutes away from the Mount Carmel and York Hill campuses.

Graduate Housing

The Office of Residential Life provides housing to graduate students on a limited basis when space is available.