Student Health Services

Mount Carmel Campus

Located in the Health and Wellness Center on Bobcat Way, Student Health Services is staffed by registered nurses 24 hours a day, seven days a week while students are in residence. A physician, board certified in both emergency and internal medicine, is available 30 hours per week, Monday through Friday. The highest priority of the staff is meeting the emergent health needs of the student population and providing ongoing health education opportunities as an integral part of the college experience. All questions should be directed to Student Health Services at 203-582-8742.

Services are available only to students who have completed and submitted the student health services requirements within the Patient Portal

  1. Online personal history form
  2. Online consent and signature page
  3. TB screening (online)/testing (if indicated)
  4. Required immunizations or proof of immunity (see below)

The Student Health Services immunization form must be downloaded and taken to your health care provider for completion. Students who do not comply are not permitted to register, including preregistration for the second semester. The information provided becomes the basis for the student’s confidential medical record within Student Health Services.

All charges for referrals, diagnostic procedures and lab work will be billed directly to the student at his/her home address. Quest Diagnostic Laboratory is the default laboratory where all specimens are sent unless the student advises the health care provider otherwise. Student Health Services does not participate in third-party billing. To process bills for insurance reimbursement follow the instructions on the bill.

Required immunizations are:

  • Meningitis conjugate immunization given within five years of the first day of classes (required of anyone living in campus-owned housing)
  • Two MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) or positive titer indicated by lab report
  • TB screening/testing, per guidelines listed on the form
  • Two Varicella (or proof of the disease) or positive titer indicated by lab report
  • Vaccination against Hepatitis B is strongly recommended and may be required by certain clinical programs.

Quinnipiac University, along with Gallagher Student Health, has developed a health insurance plan especially for students. The plan provides coverage for illnesses and injuries that occur on and off campus and includes special cost-saving features to keep the coverage as affordable as possible.

This is a hard waiver program, which means that all students must maintain major medical insurance. A student may waive health insurance coverage if he or she presents evidence of other health insurance under a plan that provides benefits equal to or greater than the Quinnipiac University Student Health Insurance Plan. Students must document evidence of coverage and make an online waiver decision by the waiver deadline of June 15. For additional information regarding the plan, please visit the Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk website.

A nominal fee is charged for gynecological exams. Routine services and supplies are provided without charge. Prescriptions may be taken to local pharmacies to be filled at the usual and customary fee. Students have the option to purchase some medications through Student Health Services.

A student driver is available, weather permitting, Monday through Friday for the following types of student transport:

  1. Two pharmacy runs each day
  2. Certain local medical appointments

Advanced scheduling of student driver appointments is necessary and the student driver is unable to stay with the student during his/her appointment.

Class excuses are not issued to students. Students who are ill are expected to contact their respective professors to inform them of their illness. Professors may contact Student Health Services to verify this information and will be told the student was or was not seen by a professional staff member. Particulars of student visits are not shared unless a student completes a release of information form. Parents or legal guardians are notified of serious illness and emergencies at the discretion of the professional staff.

For additional information, please click Student Health Services.

York Hill Campus

Student Health Services also operates the York Hill Campus Health and Wellness Center, located on the first floor of the Rocky Top Student Center. The center is open eight hours a day to serve students living on the York Hill Campus. A health care provider under the direction of the Student Health Services medical director is available. Again, services are available only to those students who have submitted the required information as outlined above. Allergy injections are provided (by appointment only) on the York Hill Campus only for those students who have submitted the necessary allergy paperwork. Gynecological exams are provided on the Mount Carmel Campus only.