CARE (Community, Assessment, Response and Evaluation) Team

Quinnipiac is dedicated to supporting our students through high-touch practices from CARE (Community, Assessment, Response and Evaluation). The CARE team employs a caring, preventive, early intervention approach with students who exhibit concerning or disruptive behaviors.

Guided by university values of a student-oriented environment and a strong sense of community, the chair of CARE manages this multidisciplinary team. The CARE team meets weekly to review and discuss new referrals, ongoing cases and the best course of action to support students of concern. CARE utilizes best practices from national organizations such as Higher Education Case Managers Association (HECMA) and the Association for Student Conduct Administration (ASCA). CARE team members receive training from the National Behavioral Intervention Team Association (NaBITA) in both behavioral intervention and threat assessment. Objective risk rubrics are utilized for consistent and objective assessments of potential risks and emerging threats toward self or others.

By partnering with members of the Quinnipiac community, the CARE team works to promote student well-being and success in the context of community safety. CARE referrals are submitted by faculty, staff, students and community members. Referrals range from topics including: helping a student during difficult times such as the passing of a loved one, when a student needs support for their physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, financial health and/or when experiencing social challenges with roommates, friends and/or peers.

More information about the CARE team, behaviors of concern, how to make a referral and answers to frequently asked questions can be found on the CARE page on MyQ. Concerned about a student? Let us know: CARE and Conduct Incident Reporting Form.