Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine

The Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine has been designed to be a model for educating diverse, patient-centered physicians who are partners and leaders in an interprofessional workforce responsive to health care needs in the communities they serve. Students from diverse backgrounds attain their highest personal and professional potential in a collaborative student-centered environment that fosters the university’s commitment to academic excellence, scholarship, lifelong learning, respect and inclusivity. Accordingly, the school values:

  • excellence in education that places the student at the center of the learning experience, and nurtures the student’s independence as a lifelong learner
  • diversity and inclusiveness in all students, faculty and staff
  • a learning environment that promotes the provision of holistic, patient-centered care
  • interprofessional education and service-learning experiences to promote teamwork in the care of patients
  • clinical partners who support and promote the school’s vision, mission and values
  • social justice and the education of physicians to address health care inequalities
  • partnerships within our community that provide students with learning and service opportunities to improve the health of the community
  • advancement and support of primary care education and health services research through the school’s Institute for Primary Care
  • advancement of global health through the school’s Institute for Global Public Health by promoting community medicine, public health and international partnerships
  • advancement of rehabilitation medicine, through the school’s Institute for Rehabilitation Medicine by promoting interprofessional care, services and research programs especially for wounded military personnel

Right to Modify

This Catalog is intended to serve as a convenient reference source for students. It is not guaranteed to be free from errors. Moreover, the programs, policies and courses described here are subject to continual review and reevaluation and may be changed at any time without prior notice. The School of Medicine reserves the right to modify the academic requirements, admission requirements and program of study; to change the arrangement and content of courses, the instructional material and the tuition and fees; to alter any regulation affecting students; to refuse readmission at any time; or to dismiss any student at any time, should it appear to be in the best interest of the school or student to do so. The School of Medicine also reserves the right to change the semester schedule and examination times and locations. Nothing in this Catalog should be regarded as setting terms of a contract between a student or prospective student and Quinnipiac University or its School of Medicine.