Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine Admission Policies

Admissions Committee Summary 

The Admissions Committee is responsible for performing the essential function of evaluating candidates for admission to the Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine at Quinnipiac University. The role of the Admissions Committee is to ensure that the quality and diversity of the class match the mission of the school to train highly qualified, culturally sensitive, patient-centered physicians. The committee strives to select students who represent a range of values and beliefs, interests, and experiences, as well as intellectual and cultural viewpoints. 

Each applicant will be evaluated on their capability to become a competent physician, as well as on their potential to contribute to the educational experience of their fellow students at Quinnipiac University. It is the responsibility of the Admissions Committee to ensure that Quinnipiac Netter selects students with academic promise and personal attributes that will allow for success in their medical studies and develop into skilled and empathetic physicians with a high degree of professionalism and strong communication skills. 

As a model for selecting students, the admission process looks at each candidate's application holistically — considering their Experiences, Attributes and Academic Promise as well as rooting decisions on the Vision, Mission and Values of QU Netter SOM.   


The Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine will be a vibrant healthcare community that educates and nurtures diverse, compassionate physicians who promote wellness and patient-centered care for all members of society. 


The Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine is dedicated to educating current and future physicians to serve our community, as well as our profession. We accomplish this goal in a student-centered, collaborative environment that values compassionate care, integrity and inclusivity, academic excellence and scholarship, adaptability, and social responsibility. 

Values (alphabetical): 

Academic Excellence; Community Partnerships; Compassion and Patient-Centered; Inclusiveness and Diversity; Interprofessional Collaboration; Personal and Professional Integrity; Primary Care Education; Scholarship; Social Justice; and Social Responsibility.

Mission for Admissions 

The mission of the Frank H. Netter MD SOM Admissions Committee is to identify and select a diverse group of students who will be leaders in providing compassionate and humanistic care. The overarching goal is to prepare future patient-centered physicians who will lead, educate, advocate, and engage in scholarship to improve health for all members of our community and society. 

Admissions Committee Membership 

The Admissions Committee will consist of the associate dean for admissions (ex-officio member), the committee chair (note that the associate dean for admissions can be appointed as the Admissions Committee chair), one other non-voting ex-officio member (assistant dean for EID), and 15 voting members (12 faculty and 3 medical students). The voting members of the Admissions Committee include medical sciences faculty, clinical faculty, and medical students. The voting committee members determine admissions policy. The associate dean for admissions and the chair of the Admissions Committee are non-voting members. The assistant dean for EID will also serve as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Admissions Committee. 

Interviewer Pool Membership 

Members of the interviewer pool make an important contribution to selecting our medical students by performing interviews. The pool is composed of medical students, faculty and staff. 

Admissions Training 

Each year, the Office of Admissions will provide interview training, a copy of the Netter SOM Admissions Policies document, the Netter SOM Interview Handbook, and other AAMC literature pertaining to medical school admissions and holistic review of medical school applicants. All new interviewers will also review an asynchronous Implicit Bias training module that will also be addressed directly during the training.  

Application Screening and Interview Procedures 

Applicants to the Netter School of Medicine are required to apply through the American Medical Colleges Admissions Service (AMCAS). Verified AMCAS applications will go through a two-part holistic screening process. All verified AMCAS applicants will receive an invitation to submit a secondary application.   

Offer of Admission 

Admissions Committee decisions will be released on a regular schedule. Applicants are sent an email with the committee’s decision on their candidacy. Accepted applicants intending to enroll must submit a deposit of $100 (refundable until April 30). Candidates are strongly encouraged to follow all current AAMC Traffic Rules related to medical school admissions. Accepted applicants are also sent information about financial aid, an invitation to Second Look Weekend, information about immunizations, housing information, and the Technical Standards document. 

Matriculation will become official after the student has satisfied all admissions requirements, met the technical standards, and successfully passed the criminal background check. 

Final Authority of Admissions Committee 

The final authority for admissions decisions rests solely with the voting membership of the Admissions Committee. No individual or other constituted body can exert influence over an Admissions Committee decision or reverse an Admissions Committee decision.