School of Business

Lender School of Business Center

203-582-8720 (central office)

Administrative Officers

Title Name Phone Email
Dean Holly Raider 203-582-7620
Interim Associate Dean Nelson Alino 203-582-3645
Associate Dean of Academic Services Michael Taylor 203-582-3949
Associate Dean for Career Development Jill Koehler 203-582-3655
Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs D'Lisa McKee 203-582-7913 d'
Director of Student Services Christopher Neidig 203-582-3868


Department Chairperson Phone Email
Accounting Aamer Sheikh 203-582-8261
Computer Information Systems Wendy Ceccucci 203-582-8269
Entrepreneurship, International Business and Strategy Robert Yawson 203-582-5023
Finance-Fall 2021 Surya Chelikani 203-582-3826
Finance-Spring 2022 Xuewu (Wesley) Wang 203-582-7404
Management Julia Fullick 203-582-5034
Marketing and Biomedical Marketing Charles Brooks 203-582-8333

Career Development

In the School of Business, members of the Office of Career Development work with students to plan the academic and professional components of each student’s education. They explore career interests, guide students through a career development process and provide assistance with internships, resume preparation and employment interviews.

Internship Program

Undergraduate business students are encouraged to gain valuable career experience by participating in our internship program. Both paid and unpaid internships are available in a range of industries.

With the approval of their department chair and dean, students who have completed a minimum of 57 credits with a GPA of 2.6 or higher and have completed the business core courses within their major are eligible to earn up to 6 academic credits for internship experiences. Students who do not meet these standards may complete an internship, but are not eligible to earn academic credit for that experience. Unless a student is completing a double major, only 3 credits can be earned for internship experiences in the major. Students who are completing a double major can earn up to 3 credits in each major (for a total of 6 credits) for internship experiences. Students may not receive internship credit toward the completion of a minor.