2024–25 Catalog

Quinnipiac University’s online catalog provides descriptions of courses, majors and minors offered by academic departments and programs, as well as other university-wide information such as the academic calendar, academic regulations, facilities, financial aid and tuition costs. Degree, major and minor requirements specified in the 2024–2025 Catalog are valid for the Class of 2028. Other classes should follow the degree, major and minor requirements specified in the catalog for the year in which they entered Quinnipiac University. For additional questions, please contact the dean’s office for the associated school.

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Admission requirements, fees, rules and regulations and academic programs are updated in official bulletins of the university.

This catalog is provided to students and applicants for their general guidance only. It does not constitute a contract, either express or implied. Quinnipiac reserves the right to change any provision of this catalog at any time and for any reason. For the purposes of the catalog, “student” will include all undergraduate and graduate students from the time of application for admission through the awarding of a degree, as well as during periods between actual enrollment, study abroad, and leaves of absence or suspension. All policies, procedures and information provided in this catalog will apply accordingly.

Please understand that sometimes Quinnipiac may have to change the academic calendar, policies, fees, curricula, course schedule or modality, or any other matter addressed in this catalog without prior notice or may be required to cancel programs and courses for reasons beyond our control. For instance, a faculty member may not be available due to sickness or death, or we may not be able to offer or be forced to change the format in which courses or services are provided because of governmental orders, public health concerns, weather conditions, power failures, fire, strikes by employees, natural disasters or accidents. These examples are not meant to be exhaustive or to describe all of the types of disruptions that could possibly occur.

If Quinnipiac determines, in its sole discretion, that any such changes or cancellations are necessary, it will exert reasonable efforts, when it judges them to be appropriate, to provide comparable services, facilities or performance. However, Quinnipiac’s inability or failure to do so shall not subject it to liability or to any obligation to provide refunds, credit or other compensation, in whole or in part, for any tuition or fees paid. In any such case, Quinnipiac will give whatever notice is reasonably practical.

Sustainability Initiatives

We, as members of the Quinnipiac community, strongly believe it is our responsibility to work toward a more environmentally sustainable society. The university utilizes renewable electricity and single-stream recycling. Campus buildings feature energy-efficient heating and cooling units, energy-efficient lighting fixtures, Green Guard carpeting and windows with energy-efficient thermal glazing. Whenever possible, environmentally friendly paper and supplies are used. In fact, the initiative to move to an online catalog was approved in part because of the savings in paper for printed copies.