Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management

Program Contact: Julia Fullick  203-582-5034

Driven by powerful changes in the business environment, organizations of all types—from start-ups to multinationals, not-for-profit to governmental, local to global—are demanding strategic leadership from human resource professionals. Today, the breadth and depth of business knowledge, as well as the mastery of management skills required of HR professionals, are unprecedented.  

The Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management teaches students to be agents of change in the workplace by implementing modern, agile workplace strategies. They also learn how to ensure the sustained positivity and productivity of an organization’s most valuable component: people. Competent, culturally sensitive and highly organized, human resource specialists add significant value to any organization and display competence in an array of specialized areas, including employee and labor relations; compensation and benefits; training and development; HR analytics; and diversity, equity, and inclusive excellence. 

The degree program is fully aligned with the HR curriculum recognized by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and prepares students for positions such as HR generalist, as well as roles in training and development, staffing and recruitment, HR information systems (HRIS), diversity, equity and inclusion, compensation and benefits. The program integrates core business knowledge with major field coursework and emphasizes professional development, negotiation skills, analytical skills, communication skills, leadership development and legal understanding