Program Contact: Gedeon Werner  203-582-7343

This program aims to provide comprehensive yet integrated coverage of the European Union (EU) and the Pan European market. The EU single market today accounts for 22.5 million small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) and 450 million customers which makes the EU a major trade partner in the United States. EU and the U.S. account for 42% of global GDP and global trade in goods and services and the EU is the third largest economy in the world (after U.S. and China). 

Finally, the EU is one of the most outward-oriented economies in the world and the world’s largest Single Market Area (SMA). Most of all, however, the EU is one of the strongest U.S. allies that shares the democratic and free market economy values. Global Business Affairs EU Certificate places you in the center of exciting growth, while teaching you the strategies and skills necessary for a successful career in international business.

Global Business Affairs EU Certificate  
Program of Study

Students pursuing this certificate take a total of five courses (15 credits) as outlined below. 

Student must register at the Certificate’s registration site

IB 120Introduction to Doing Business in the European Union3
SB 488Business Internship *3
SB 360International Business Immersion **3
Choose two electives from list below or from approved courses taken during semester abroad in any EU country.6
International Economics
Twentieth-Century Europe
International Business Environment
Globalization and International Business
Introduction to Global Entrepreneurship
Negotiating Internationally
International Finance
International Management
International Law
International Law and the Individual
European Union Law
Introduction to International Relations
Elementary Polish I (Only one may be taken for credit toward the certificate)
Elementary Polish II
Global Strategic Communications Management
Total Credits15

Taken in any EU country or it can be taken as a part of the International Consulting Project with the Central European Institute.


SB 360 (Travel to any EU country)