Department of Management

The mission of the Department of Management is to: 1) build students’ core competencies in management through engaged learning and real-world application; 2) prepare students for successful careers in their chosen fields; and 3) empower students to use their knowledge, skills and abilities to positively contribute to their organizations and communities. 

In particular, students completing a  degree in Applied Business, Human Resource Management or Supply Chain Management are able to apply management systems to assess employee and organizational needs in different types of organizational environments; utilize qualitative and quantitative models, theories and concepts; communicate in written, oral and digital formats to management at any level; develop recommendations for improvement to organizational processes, practices or policies; demonstrate persuasion, empathy, fairness and an ability to handle conflict when dealing with and responding to coworkers, supervisors, subordinates, customers or suppliers; and acquire advanced knowledge of theoretical underpinnings and current best practices in organizational processes. Students will be agents of change in the workplace by implementing modern, agile workplace strategies.