Bachelor of Science in International Business

Program Contact: Robert Yawson 203-582-5023

Corporations, nonprofits and government agencies from around the world need talented professionals who have the ability to successfully work in culturally diverse environments and possess a knowledge of global markets and international business trends. International business students learn how to work with culturally diverse businesses and populations, and develop critical thinking and analytical skills. Students also develop a foundation in international finance, international marketing, global supply chain, and international management and strategy, and also learn how to work with international data and its sources. Graduates with this background are prepared for careers in global supply chain management, international marketing and marketing research, business development, financial analysis and business consulting. 

Students in the IB major are encouraged to immerse in a foreign country with a study-abroad program to better understand its history, politics, business and culture. Students also may complete an internship while studying abroad. Alternatively, internships with local businesses or major firms in neighboring New York City enable students to apply their knowledge in a real-world setting. IB majors can also graduate with a certificate in Global Supply Chain.