Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Program Contact: Robert Yawson 203-582-5023

A minor in entrepreneurship and innovation gives you a strong foundation in sound business practices, sharpens your business management skills and teaches you how to think like an entrepreneur. This minor provides the expertise necessary for professionals in any field who must run their own business operation. You’ll create business plans, engage in entrepreneurial activities and work on team and individual projects to develop and improve business ideas.

You’ll learn from a rich network of faculty and staff that provides the guidance necessary to launch a business or join a bourgeoning company. In the classroom, during internships and at networking events, you can tap into the expertise and experience of local and national company executives, as well as small business owners who have achieved success. 

Both business and non-business school students are encouraged to minor in entrepreneurship and innovation. The minor enables students to supplement their main area of interest with the basic skills necessary to create a business plan and engage in the entrepreneurial activities and learning experiences offered by the university.