Clubs and Organizations

The Department of Campus Life is available to assist all student organizations and campus groups in program development and implementation of cocurricular activities. The staff, in conjunction with other student affairs personnel, provides a support system to foster personal growth and social competency through the development of group activities.

Additional information and guidelines for organizations, as well as procedures for initiating new clubs, are available at the Quinnipiac University Student Handbook and in the Department of Campus Life. All policies and guidelines pertaining to organizations are subject to the interpretation of the Department of Campus Life, upon consultation with the vice president and dean of students.

The following list represents organizations that exist and are active on campus. For a detailed description of each organization, refer to the Quinnipiac Student Handbook available online.

Student organizations are listed according to the following categories:

  • Academic
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Cultural, Spiritual & Identity
  • Government and Program Boards
  • Fraternity and Sorority Life
  • Multimedia
  • Political & Advocacy
  • Recreational
  • Service
  • Spirit
  • Student Media

For a complete list of student organizations, please go to visit the website.