The Office of Spiritual & Religious Life (OSRL) organizes religious programs and events at the university to support faith formation and all religious identities on campus. Under the leadership of the Director of Spiritual Well-Being, the office has thriving Catholic, Muslim, and Jewish Chaplaincies, which consist of Catholic Sisters and Catholic Priests, a Muslim Coordinator and a University Rabbi who work collaboratively as a multifaith team to support the spiritual development and wellness of students, staff and faculty of the university. Clergy oversees their respective communities at Quinnipiac by coordinating worship and prayer services while providing spiritual/pastoral counseling, advising and mentoring of religious student groups on campus, including Protestant, Hindu and Buddhist groups.

For students in a community not represented on campus, the office aids in connecting with local religious resources. OSRL serves as a resource to the university on religion, ethics and spirituality. The staff members work to raise the visibility of religion and spirituality on campus through tradition-specific and interfaith programming and, when required, provide a religious presence at university events. In addition to programming, OSRL serves as a place for advocacy and is the point of contact for religious accommodations about housing, classes and dining at Quinnipiac University.

The Center for Religion

The Center for Religion is an integral part of the Office of Spiritual & Religious Life. Its mission is to advance religious pluralism and understanding, by bringing religious voices, viewpoints, beliefs and practices into an engagement with the larger university community to help our students become more fully flourishing, humane individuals empowered to change the world for the good. Everyone is welcome to participate in the center programs regardless of religion, perspective or belief. The center is committed to fostering a genuinely diverse, respectful and inclusive space at Quinnipiac.

For more information, contact the director of spiritual well-being at 203-582-8257 or email

Jewish events and programs are typically held at the Peter C. Hereld House for Jewish Life, 560 New Road. For information about Jewish life at Quinnipiac, contact the Rabbi at 203-582-8206.

Student Learning Outcomes

Through its mission to engage religious voices, viewpoints, beliefs and practices with the larger university community, the Center for Religion creates programs focused on six areas or vectors.

As a result of participating in a Center for Religion program, students will:

  • Consider various viewpoints to expand their religious literacy.
  • Identify opportunities for local, national and global advocacy.
  • Explore the human experience through social justice.
  • Examine meaning and values.
  • Engage in community building.
  • Appreciate diverse cultures through a global encounter.