Office of Religious Life

The Office of Religious Life organizes religious programs and events at the university. The three staff religious leaders (Catholic priest/chaplain, Protestant chaplain and Muslim religious life coordinator) oversee their respective communities at Quinnipiac; they coordinate worship and prayer services, and provide spiritual/pastoral counseling. In addition, the office’s Center for Religion offers programs designed to raise the level of religious literacy on campus, as well as furthering students’ ethical and moral development. The center is a place for students of all religious traditions to build interpersonal connections and to foster a greater sense of community cohesion. For those students belonging to a community not represented on campus, the office can provide assistance in making connections with local religious resources. The Office of Religious Life serves as a resource to the university on issues of religion, ethics and spirituality. The staff members work to raise the visibility of religion on campus through tradition-specific as well as interfaith programming, and when required, provide a religious presence at university events.

For more information, contact the executive director of university religious life at 203-582-8257.

All Jewish events are held at the Peter C. Hereld House for Jewish Life, 560 New Road. For information about Jewish life at Quinnipiac, contact the rabbi at 203-582-8206.