QU 105. Learning Strategies Seminar.1 Credit.

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to evidence-based learning strategies and to help students become self-regulated learners who are capable of achieving their full academic potential. Students reflect upon the fundamental nature of learning and what types of learning activities best facilitate their learning process. Students also explore topics related to achievement motivation and growth mindset. The ultimate goal of this course is to help students not only develop a deeper understanding of these topics, but learn ways that the strategies and tools discussed in class readings and discussions can inform their personal study habits.

Offered: Every year, Summer

QU 109. Professional Development.1 Credit.

Professional Development

QU 301H. Honors Global Community.3 Credits.

This interdisciplinary seminar for juniors/seniors builds on experiences and learning from QU 101 and QU 201 and focuses on the political, social, cultural, ecological and economic systems that define the global community. The course challenges students to critically examine what it means to assume a role of informed citizenship and leadership in a global community. The topics can range from the Middle East to Oceanic America, from health care to understanding and combating poverty, depending on the specialty of the instructor. All sections address the common course questions: 1) What is the global community? 2) What is your investment in the global community? and 3) How do you/we balance personal allegiance or affiliation with membership in the global community?

Offered: Every year, Fall and Spring

QU 420. Integrative Capstone.3 Credits.

Offered: Every year, Fall and Spring