Business Law (BLW)

BLW 221. Business Law and Society.3 Credits.

The course helps students develop an understanding of the law as an evolving social institution rather than a static body of rules. Students read and interpret legal case reports as a means of keeping abreast of law that affects the business environment. Students learn the economic and social forces that have shaped and are now dictating the evolution of modern contract principles and the Uniform Commercial Code. Ethics and social responsibility are addressed throughout. Minimum grade for accounting majors B-.

Offered: Every year, Fall and Spring

BLW 322. The Law of Property, Sales and Negotiable Instruments.3 Credits.

This is an advanced business law course covering Uniform Commercial Code provisions governing sales, negotiable instruments and secured transactions. Other topics may include liability of accountants, third party rights, agency law, real property, bankruptcy, business entities and product liability. This course covers topics included in the business law section of the CPA exam. Minimum grade for accounting majors C-.

Prerequisites: Take BLW 221; Minimum grade B-.
Offered: Every year, Spring

BLW 399. Independent Study Law.3 Credits.

Offered: As needed

BLW 499. Independent Study.3 Credits.