Chinese (CN)

CN 101. Elementary Chinese I.3 Credits.

This course is an introduction to Mandarin Chinese as a spoken and written language. Students develop reading, writing, oral comprehension and speaking ability in basic Chinese. Chinese culture, customs and business practice are introduced.

Offered: Every year, Fall and Spring

CN 102. Elementary Chinese II.3 Credits.

This course is a continuation of Chinese 101.

Prerequisites: Take CN 101.
Offered: Every year, Fall and Spring

CN 200. Chinese Culture and Civilization.3 Credits.

This course introduces students to Chinese culture and civilization across time and regions. It provides an overview for students to grasp the important cultural concepts and to understand the great inventions created by China. Subjects include food and cuisine, traditional clothes, architecture and scenery, festival celebration, Chinese arts, literature and proverbs, tradition and taboos, religious beliefs, Chinese medicine, and great inventions. The course is conducted in English and does not require prior knowledge of Chinese.

Prerequisites: Take EN 101.
Offered: As needed

CN 201. Intermediate Chinese I.3 Credits.

Grammar is enhanced for strengthening sentence patterns. Students are expected to communicate mostly in Chinese during class and write a longer essay for presentation. Students are exposed to everyday life topics, and cultural highlights increase understanding of current and past Chinese cultural phenomena.

Prerequisites: Take CN 102.
Offered: Every other year, Fall

CN 202. Intermediate Chinese II.3 Credits.

This course is a continuation of CN 201.

Prerequisites: Take CN 201.
Offered: Every other year, Spring

CN 299. Independent Study.1-3 Credits.

Offered: As needed, All

CN 399. Independent Study.3 Credits.