German (GR)

GR 101. Elementary German I.3 Credits.

This introduction to the German language includes oral practice, the study of basic grammar, and practice in reading and writing. Students who have three or more years of high school German with grades of B or above may not take this course for credit.

Offered: Every year, Fall
UC: Breadth Elective, University Curriculum Ele

GR 102. Elementary German II.3 Credits.

This course is a continuation of GR 101.

Prerequisites: Take GR 101 or placement into GR 102.
Offered: Every year, Spring
UC: Breadth Elective, University Curriculum Ele

GR 210. Introduction to German Culture.3 Credits.

This course taught in English offers an introduction to the cultural trends in German-speaking countries from 1800 to Modernity, including aspects of daily life, tradition, philosophical movements, and cultural artifacts in architecture, art, film, and music.

Prerequisites: Take EN 101.
Offered: As needed