Engineering (ENR)

ENR 110. The World of an Engineer.3 Credits.

This course introduces students to the study and practice of engineering, including overviews of specific disciplines. Participatory focus involves group design projects, hands-on learning, computer work, team building and engineering ethics discussions.

Offered: Every year, Fall

ENR 210. Engineering Economics and Project Management.3 Credits.

This course provides an introduction to the concepts of economics/finance/costing and explains how these affect the engineering functioning and contribute to decision making in engineering operations. A portion of the course covers the concepts of project management, team building and leading teams that are used throughout the program and in professional practice.

Prerequisites: Take MA 141 or MA 151
Offered: Every year, Spring

ENR 395. Professional Development Seminar.1 Credit.

Through discussions, case studies and guest speakers, students are introduced to topics on engineering professionalism, ethics and licensure as well as relevant innovations in engineering to prepare them to enter the workplace as engineering professionals. Prerequisite: Junior status in the major or permission of instructor.

Offered: Every year, Fall

ENR 490. Engineering Internship.1 Credit.

Students gain experience by employing engineering skills in a professional setting under the guidance of practicing engineers. Students must obtain approval and register prior to starting the work experience. Prerequisite: Must have completed 3rd year engineering curriculum for major. Faculty approval required. Prerequisite may be waived with permission of adviser.

Prerequisites: Take ENR 395;
Offered: Every year, All