Minor in Women’s and Gender Studies

Program Contact: Lauren Sardi   203-582-8215

Women’s and gender studies is an interdisciplinary program that explores how sex, gender and sexuality structure human societies, cultures, politics, economies, arts and aesthetics and examines the multitude of femininities, masculinities and transgender identities within a matrix of power relations constituted by race/ethnicity, class, sexuality, ability and nationality. Women’s and gender studies puts women—in all their diversity—at the center of inquiry, and is feminist, queer and anti-racist in perspective. WGS invites students to engage with the ways in which gender and sexuality operate in all societies, institutions and ideologies, and to critically examine the political and historical nature of knowledge production. We draw on many disciplines, including history, literature, political science, psychology, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, media, communications, cultural studies, and the law to emphasize rigorous critical thinking, imagination and creativity.

Women's and Gender Studies Minor Curriculum

For a minor in women’s and gender studies, students take six courses.

Required Courses:
WS 101Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies3
WS 301 13
Select four of the following (from at least three different disciplines):12
Special Topics in Women's Studies
Gender and Aging (SO/GT 202)
Human Sexuality (PS 210)
Women in Political Thought (PO 219)
Women in the Criminal Justice System (CJ/SO 232)
Literature by Women (EN 235)
Gender and the Law (LE 250)
Sociology of Families (SO 255)
Psychology of Women (PS 262)
Gay and Lesbian Identities and Communities (SO/PS 284)
Sociology of Gender (SO 304)
U.S. Women's History (HS 308)
Women in America: 1920-Present (HS309)
Diversity in the Media (MSS 311)
Women Artists (AR 325)
Witches and Werewolves in the Early Modern World (HS 326)
Philosophy and Gender (PL 330)
American Literature by Women of Color (EN 338)
Media Audiences (MSS 345)
Feminist Theory and the Body
Total Credits18