Department of Psychology

Psychologists study phenomena such as behavior, emotions, cognitions and interactions from many perspectives. Given the diversity of ways of investigating psychological phenomena, students in both psychology and behavioral neuroscience study the discipline from several vantage points, including the biological, cognitive, social, developmental and scientist-practitioner perspectives. In this way, students come to appreciate the complexity of the field.

In both majors, the BS in Psychology and the BS in Behavioral Neuroscience, the department offers preparation for admission to graduate and professional schools and employment after graduation. Students are encouraged to engage with their learning in various ways, both in the classroom and in co-curricular activities, such as internships, independent study and/or by concentrating their studies in a particular area of psychology. They learn to design and conduct research, analyze data using statistical software and use academic search engines. Students learn the importance of first impressions and how to behave professionally. They also learn how to be self-disciplined; all seniors complete a substantial piece of scholarly work in which they demonstrate their understanding of the science of psychology or behavioral neuroscience and how these areas are connected with other areas of inquiry.