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Psychology is a fascinating and complex discipline with a rich history and a range of subfields that intersect in some capacity with nearly every other field of academic study. The minor allows you to select topics that most complement your academic and career goals. Courses offered focus on the major perspectives in the field (namely, the biological, cognitive, social, developmental and scientist-practitioner) as well as other specialized areas of interest (e.g., clinical psychology, school psychology, forensic psychology and health psychology). 

The minor requires 18 credits of psychology courses, no more than 6 of which can be at the 100 level. Course selection should be based on the student’s interest and goals; however the following courses are reserved for majors only: PS 206, PS 307, PS 308, PS 353, PS 391, PS 393, PS 394 and PS 401.

Students wishing to minor in psychology take 18 credits in psychology. No more than two courses (6 credits) may be at the 100 level. Course selection should be based on the student’s interest and goals.

Possible courses include:
PS 101Introduction to Psychology3
PS 200Special Topics in Psychology3
PS 210Human Sexuality3
PS 232The Concept of Personality and Its Development3
PS 233Cognitive Psychology3
PS 234Adult Development & Aging3
PS 235Communicating Effectively: A Cognitive Perspective3
PS 236Child and Adolescent Development3
PS 242School Psychology3
PS 244Psychology of Prejudice3
PS 245Exploring Psychological Perspectives through Film3
PS 250Parenting Science3
PS 252Physiological Psychology3
PS 261Social Psychology3
PS 262Psychology of Women and Gender (WGS 262)3
PS 265Psychology in the Workplace3
PS 272Abnormal Psychology3
PS 283Introduction to Forensic Psychology3
PS 284LGBTQ Identities and Communities3
PS 290The Psychology of Self-Improvement: Popular and Scientific Perspectives3
PS 300Special Topics in Psychology3
PS 320Psychology of Sport and Exercise3
PS 325Health Psychology3
PS 333Applied Cognition3
PS 354Sensation and Perception3
PS 357Drugs, Brain and Behavior3
PS 360Psychology of Meditation3
PS 366Advanced Personnel Psychology3
PS 367Advanced Organizational Psychology3
PS 368Occupational Health Psychology3
PS 371Clinical Psychology3
PS 372Child Psychopathology3
PS 373Positive Psychology3

The following courses are reserved for majors only:

PS 206Introduction to Statistics in Psychology3
PS 307Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology with Lab4
PS 308Advanced Research Methods in Psychology with Lab4
All Psychology Internship Courses
PS 353Research Methods in Behavioral Neuroscience3
PS 401Integrative Capstone for Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience Majors3