Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Neuroscience

Program Contact: Adrienne Betz    203-582-5259

Behavioral neuroscience is an interdisciplinary field that studies brain and behavior in a multifaceted and integrative way. The behavioral neuroscience major is a course of study that emphasizes the interaction between the psychological and biological foundations of behavior. Behavioral neuroscience majors choose one of two tracks (Natural Science track or Psychological Science track) based on their individual goals and interests. Students can participate in supervised concentrations offered in our department to gain experience in applying their knowledge of psychology to a real-world setting.

The Natural Science track is a science-intensive program that provides training to students who have primary interests in the biological sciences as applied to psychology and behavior. The curriculum in this track can fulfill the science prerequisites for most professional schools such as medical school and students may fully participate in the Pre-Medical Studies program. Students are eligible for participating in the Master of Science in Molecular and Cell Biology Program or the Master of Health Sciences in Biomedical Sciences and their respective dual-degree programs.

The Psychological Science track includes a core set of courses in biology, chemistry and physics, but is more psychology-intensive than the Natural Science Track. This track would be appropriate for those who are most interested in aspects of psychology that are most directly related to physiology and brain function, and how they relate to behavior. The curriculum in this track prepares students for entry to graduate programs or employment in behavioral neuroscience and related fields.

Students seeking a BS in Behavioral Neuroscience must complete requirements for the University Curriculum and a foreign language up to the 102-level. Initial placement in English and mathematics scores is determined by examination and evaluation of high school units presented. Within the major, behavioral neuroscience students take a set of courses that emphasize scientific reasoning. After taking PS 101, all majors take PS 206, PS 307 PS 308 or PS 353,  and PS 401 in separate semesters. The capstone course, PS 401,  must be taken in the senior year, taken as a seminar during the regular academic year, and following completion of PS 308 or PS 353. In each of the following sequence courses, students must earn a grade of C- or higher before moving on to the next course: PS 206, PS 307, PS 308  or PS 353Students must earn a grade of C- or higher in PS 101 before moving on to any 200-level PS courses and in PS 252 before moving on to the PS 357 course. All majors are encouraged to work closely with their academic adviser to plan their progress through the major.