Department of Chemistry and Physical Sciences

For students majoring in chemistry or biochemistry, the department provides an intensive program of study in the major areas of chemistry with an emphasis on developing skills in analytical thinking and problem-solving, evaluation and interpretation of data, effective communication of scientific information, and research methodologies, while also exploring the applications of chemistry that permeate our lives. Sufficient flexibility through open electives allows students to emphasize personal career goals.

Students are prepared for entry-level positions in chemical, pharmaceutical or academic research laboratory settings or in non-traditional settings, which rely on the background and skills that have been acquired. Their education also prepares them for entry into graduate programs of study in chemistry, biochemistry, environmental science, biomedical sciences, pharmacy, secondary education, medicine or law.

The department also provides a chemistry minor program structured to give students a balanced exposure to the major areas of chemistry and opportunities to develop associated skills. Providing this opportunity is an important asset for students studying in other programs, particularly those pursuing careers in the biomedical and biological sciences.

The department also offers courses in chemistry and physics tailored to the support of programs in the basic and health sciences, nursing and engineering. These programs all have a strong reliance on the ability of students to understand and apply the fundamental concepts of chemistry and physics and to demonstrate clear analytical thinking and problem-solving skills developed in these courses.