Department of English

The English major provides a solid foundation in the study of the genres of literature, literary theory, literary history, rhetoric and composition, and creative writing, leading to the senior seminar capstone course in which students produce their own extended, original project. Students consult with advisers regularly to ensure that their personal, intellectual, creative and professional goals are being met. Students in the English major program are well prepared for entering graduate study in English, elementary and secondary education, law, business and library science and for careers in government, public service, not-for-profit foundations, public relations and advertising, print and digital publishing and other business fields that need skilled writers and researchers and creative problem-solvers. The department also offers two optional concentrations within the 36 credit English major: creative writing and English study for secondary education. Both of these concentrations have more specific requirements than our general major. The English major, whether students choose a concentration or not, is a good preparation for many careers, and graduate study.

The English minor offers the same critical and creative engagements with texts as does the major. Students can choose from a variety of courses to help deepen their critical and writing acumen. The minor is designed to support any major by honing the student's analytical and writing skills.

The Department of English supports four programs: the first-year writing program, the English major, the English minor and the five-year BA/MAT program in Elementary or Secondary Education. All first-year students entering Quinnipiac University must take EN 101 and EN 102. Students who wish to major, double major or minor in English can apply to the chair of the English department at any time. Students who are interested in the creative writing or secondary education concentrations are encouraged to declare their concentration with their academic adviser as early as possible. Students who are planning to enter the five-year BA/MAT programs in Elementary or Secondary Education will need to apply to the School of Education in their sophomore year. All students in all English programs must maintain an overall 2.5 GPA, be in good academic standing and must satisfy all major and minor requirements.

Co-curricular activities are important to the educational goals of many English majors and minors. As a community of readers and writers, the English department supports the English Literary Club, open to all Quinnipiac students, and Montage, the undergraduate literary journal. The department hosts creative writing events, showcasing professional creative writers and artists, and student writers and artists. Students who excel in their studies will be invited to join Sigma Tau Delta, the International Honor Society for English majors.