Bachelor of Arts in English

Program Contact: Valerie Smith  203-582-8452

The English Department inspires students to engage with big ideas in literature and to express themselves in writing with eloquence and style. By studying great works of prose and poetry from the medieval period to the present, students deepen their understanding of diverse cultures, histories and sociopolitical perspectives. In our intensive writing courses, students hone their skills with language and find their unique voices as poets, fiction writers, essayists and critics. English majors practice strong writing, active reading, careful research and creative thinking, all of which are crucial skills for success in 21st-century careers.

As an English major, you’ll work closely with a faculty adviser to craft a curriculum that focuses on your literary interests and career goals. All English majors have the option of declaring a concentration in creative writing or secondary education, tailoring their curriculum to focus in these areas. Our flexible 36-credit major is also ideal for adding a double major or minor in complementary disciplines like Law and Society, Psychology, Drama, Biology, Film, Journalism, Game Design, Public Relations and many others. 

English majors are encouraged to pursue internships. The flexible major allows students to pursue 1-credit, repeatable internships in supervised fieldwork related to writing or reading to investigate career opportunities and to develop professional contacts. Interested students should see their adviser and the CAS Career Development Office.

An Honors Thesis in English is also available. Students who have an overall 3.3 GPA, and a 3.5 in the English major may seek the recommendation of any English department faculty member to pursue a Senior Thesis Project (EN 470) in addition to the capstone course (EN 460). Students who are planning to attend graduate school in English or other related fields, might discuss taking advantage of this opportunity with their advisers.