Collaborative for Interdisciplinary/ Integrative Studies

The Collaborative for Interdisciplinary/Integrative Studies provides students with opportunities—through advising, coursework and fieldwork—to put into practice the relevance and value of the arts and sciences for their everyday lives. The Collaborative oversees the administration of interdisciplinary programs, supports the development of interdisciplinary curricula and initiatives, and promotes collaboration among faculty in teaching and research. It houses the Interdisciplinary Studies major, the Environmental Science major, the Environmental Studies co-major, the Sustainability and Environmental Policy major, the Independent Major, the Independent Minor and eight interdisciplinary minors (Asian Studies, Global Public Health, History and Philosophy of Science, International Studies, Irish Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Sports Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies). In addition, the Collaborative sponsors interdisciplinary initiatives, as well as programs and events that are open to and benefit the entire university community.