Program Contact: Christina Pavlak 203-582-3199

Our Dual-Degree BS/MAT program allows you to gain the hands-on skills needed to thrive in an elementary, secondary, or special education classroom. This program enables you to seamlessly complete both your undergraduate and graduate studies in just five years. Our immersive, hands-on curriculum consists of classes, internships, and student teaching experiences to shape you as a leader in education.

First-year candidates: When you apply to Quinnipiac, please state that you are interested in becoming a teacher, or you want to explore your options to become a teacher. Once you indicate that teaching might be for you, our faculty and advisers will help you to choose the courses you need.

Current Quinnipiac student candidates: By the spring of your sophomore year, please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions to indicate you would like to learn more about becoming a teacher and complete the application. The School of Education faculty members review your grade point average (GPA) and will request an interview with you as part of your continuation in the dual-degree program.

Students in this program must complete all the requirements of the BS in Environmental Science and the MAT. The following table is a representative progression through those requirements. Students should work with their advisers on a plan that ensures their academic progression.  

Plan of Study Grid
Fall SemesterCredits
BIO 101
General Biology I
and General Biology I Lab
CHE 110
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry I Lab
ED 140 Introduction to Public Education and the Teaching Profession 1
EN 101 Introduction to Academic Reading and Writing 3
FYS 101 First-Year Seminar 3
Spring Semester
BIO 102
General Biology II
and General Biology Lab II
CHE 111
General Chemistry II
and General Chemistry II Lab
ED 250 Diversity, Dispositions and Multiculturalism 3
EN 102 Academic Writing and Research 3
ENV 350 Environmental Studies Practicum 3
Fall Semester
CHE 210
Organic Chemistry I
and Organic Chemistry I Lab
ED 260 Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education 3
ENV 101 Introduction to Environmental Studies 3
ENV 220
Environmental Science
and Environmental Science Lab
PS 101 Introduction to Psychology 3
Spring Semester
ENV Science Elective 4
GP 240 Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems 3
HS 131
U.S. History to 1877
or U.S. History Since Reconstruction
PL 226 Environmental Ethics 3
PS 236 Child and Adolescent Development 3
Fall Semester
ED 341
Learning and Teaching the Developing Child
and Learning and Teaching: Pedagogy Field Lab I
ENV 390 Environmental Writing 3
ENV Science Elective 4
MA 275 Biostatistics 3
Spring Semester
ED 343
Advanced Learning and Teaching in Secondary Classrooms
and Advanced Learning and Teaching: Secondary Assessment Field Lab II
ENV 230 Sustainable Development 3
ENV Elective 3
Language Course 3
UC Elective 3
Fall Semester
ED 409
Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum
and English Language Arts Field Lab III
ED 477 Teaching English Language Learners in the Mainstream Classroom 3
ENV Science Elective 4
ENV Science Elective 4
Spring Semester
BIO 515 and 515L or CHE 515 and 515L 4
Elective 3
IDS 400 Transdisciplinary Project 3
SPED 552
ED 452L
Teaching in the Inclusive Classroom
and Inclusive Classroom Secondary Field Lab IV
Fifth Year
Fall Semester
ED 503 Advanced Teaching Methods in Secondary Science 3
ED 502
Teaching Methods in Secondary Biology
and Science Laboratory Safety Course
ED 514 Internship I 1
ED 693 Research I 2
Spring Semester
ED 601 Student Teaching 6
ED 515 Internship and Career Development Seminar 1
ED 694 Research II 2
 Total Credits143