Program Contact: Kimberly O'Neill 203-582-6422

The Gender and Society microcredential allows learners to gain relevant skills and competencies surrounding contemporary issues of gender, sexuality and women’s studies in both a local and global context. Students will gain nuanced, interdisciplinary understandings of various concepts through several fields including but not limited to Anthropology, Political Science, Sociology, History, Criminal Justice, English, Philosophy, Legal Studies and Psychology. Students will be able to analyze current social and political issues about sex and gender through a contemporary lens in order to develop critical thinking skills to address issues of inequity and oppression. Through this badge pathway, students will be able to identify social problems across institutions (such as education, the family, politics and medicine, among others) and apply new knowledge to one’s own context and setting. 

To complete the badge, students must take any two classes from the following list with at least two different disciplinary prefixes represented:

AN 210Gender/Sex/Sexuality3
AN 252The Science of Human Diversity3
CJ 232Women in the Criminal Justice System3
CJ 253Sexual Violence3
CJ 275Sexual Violence Victim Advocacy3
DR 288From Script to Stage3
EN 235Literature by Women3
EN 338American Literature by Women of Color3
HS 308U.S. Women's History 1770-19203
HS 309Women in America 1920-PRESENT3
HS 326Witches and Werewolves in the Early Modern World3
HS 328Gender in the Non-Western World3
LE 250Gender and the Law3
PL 330Philosophy and Gender3
PO 219Feminist Political Thought3
PO 387Women and Public Policy3
PS 210Human Sexuality3
PS 262Psychology of Women and Gender (WGS 262)3
PS 284LGBTQ Identities and Communities3
SO 202Gender and Aging3
SO 255Sociology of Families3
SO 302Sociology of Sexualities3
SO 303Popular Culture and the Media (WGS 303)3
SO 304Sociology of Gender3
SO 306Masculinities3
SO 392Internship in the Community3
WGS 101Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies3
WGS 202Gender and Aging3
WGS 211Cross Cultural Perspectives on Gender, Sex and Sexuality3
WGS 219Feminist Political Thought3
WGS 232Women in the Criminal Justice System3
WGS 235Literature by Women3
WGS 250Gender and the Law3
WGS 252The Science of Human Diversity3
WGS 253Sexual Violence3
WGS 255Sociology of Families3
WGS 275Sexual Violence Victim Advocacy3
WGS 288From Script to Stage3
WGS 302Sociology of Sexualities3
WGS 303Popular Culture and the Media3
WGS 304Sociology of Gender3
WGS 306Masculinities3
WGS 308U.S. Women's History3
WGS 309Women in America: 1920-PRESENT3
WGS 326Witches and Werewolves in the Early Modern World3
WGS 328Gender in the Non-Western World3
WGS 330Philosophy and Gender3
WGS 338American Literature by Women of Color3
WGS 387Women and Public Policy3
WGS 392Internship in the Community3
WGS 395Feminist Theory and the Body4