Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies (Co-Major)

Program Contact:  Mary Paddock  203-582-8951

The co-major in Environmental Studies (BA) is designed to integrate and to be completed in tandem with another major. Students who declare the co-major as part of their program of study will be considered double majors. However, the Environmental Studies (BA) co-major is not designed to be and may not be completed as a stand-alone major.

The Environmental Studies (BA) co-major seeks to bring environmental science and environmental policy into conversation with one another to meet the urgent need for ethical, sustainable solutions based on a fundamental understanding of the scientific, social and cultural dimensions of environmental issues. As a secondary major that is completed alongside a primary major, the Environmental Studies (BA) co-major adds another dimension to this goal by providing points of intentional connection and integration with other fields of study. Students in any major with an interest in studying the environment are invited to imagine how they can create a unique path leading to numerous academic and professional opportunities.