Program Contact: Jaime Ullinger 203-582-6428

The Forensic Science minor provides students with an opportunity to explore and learn about multiple disciplines working within a medico-legal context. It enhances understanding of forensic issues in law, law enforcement, government, policymaking and health sciences, among other fields, and provides a solid foundation for further study and/or graduate work in the forensic field. Students will gain an understanding of how forensic science provides effective strategies for solving novel problems, and will learn how information is gathered and interpreted at crime scenes in order to assess what has occurred. 

Students will complete 18 credits from a wide range of courses that include anthropology, biology, biomedical sciences, criminal justice, legal studies, math, psychology and sociology, highlighting the interdisciplinary nature of forensic science. 

For a minor in Forensic Science, students must complete 18 credits. 

7 credits of required courses:
BIO 208Introduction to Forensic Science3
BIO 208LIntroduction to Forensic Science Lab Science Laboratory1
AN 250Forensic Anthropology3
9 credits from the following courses:
BMS 325Toxicology3
CJ 243Investigative Techniques3
CJ 343Forensic Issues in Law Enforcement3
LE 115Criminal Law3
MA 275Biostatistics3
SO 225Social Problems3
SO 260Social Control and Deviance3
PS 272Abnormal Psychology3
PS 283Introduction to Forensic Psychology3
Internship approved by Program Director3
2 credits from the following courses:
FS 199Special Topics in Forensic Science1