Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Program Contact: Carol Fenn   203-582-8254

Chemistry majors explore the world on the molecular level. You gain knowledge about the wide range of properties and reactions of inorganic, organic and biological compounds. Lab courses allow you to carry out syntheses and analyze materials. Hands-on access to a sophisticated array of instruments, which include a variety of spectrophotometers and chromatographic systems build confidence in your ability to solve complex problems in the field. You also can individualize your experience by taking electives in specialized areas, such as environmental chemistry, or pursue a minor in a completely different but complementary field to meet your career goals.

We teach you to evaluate and interpret data, hone your analytical thinking skills and present the results of your scientific research to various audiences. Because of our small class sizes and highly accessible faculty, you’ll get plenty of support and the personal attention you need. An independent research project strengthens the skills you develop in the classroom. Companies such as Alexion, CT Agricultural Station and LabSynergy offer real-life work experience in the form of internships which you may pursue.

Your degree in chemistry qualifies you to work as a laboratory or research assistant in an academic, consumer product, pharmaceutical or industrial research or quality control laboratory upon graduation, but you’ll also have the foundation to pursue an advanced degree in a specific area of chemistry or in other fields including medicine, pharmacy, veterinary medicine or law.

BS in Chemistry Curriculum

Initial placement in English and mathematics courses is determined by placement examinations and an evaluation of high school units presented. Students who do not place directly into MA 141 should take MA 140. MA 152 is strongly recommended.

Chemistry majors must maintain a minimum grade of C in all required chemistry, physics and mathematics courses. Any required course not listed in the course descriptions may be considered for scheduling when the need arises. All 4-credit science courses have a laboratory component. Chemistry electives must be selected with the advice and approval of the department adviser. Open electives should be selected based upon student interests and career goals from offerings in all schools.

University Curriculum 146
Chemistry Core Requirements
CHE 110
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry I Lab
CHE 111
General Chemistry II
and General Chemistry II Lab
CHE 210
Organic Chemistry I
and Organic Chemistry I Lab
CHE 211
Organic Chemistry II
and Organic Chemistry II Lab
CHE 215
Analytical Chemistry
and Analytical Chemistry Lab
CHE 301
Physical Chemistry I
and Physical Chemistry I Lab
CHE 302
Physical Chemistry II
and Physical Chemistry II Lab
CHE 305
Instrumental Analysis
and Instrumental Analysis Lab
CHE 315
Biochemistry I
and Biochemistry Lab I
CHE 410Inorganic Chemistry3
CHE 475Chemistry Seminar I1
CHE 476Chemistry Seminar II1
CHE 490Chemistry Research I3
CHE 491Chemistry Research II3
Two upper level CHE elective courses 26
Cognate Courses 3
MA 141Calculus of a Single Variable 3,43
PHY 110
General Physics I
and General Physics I Lab 3,5
PHY 111
General Physics II
and General Physics II Lab 3,5
Open electives 6
Open electives10
Total Credits120

Minimum number of credits required for graduation is 120.

Admission Requirements: College of Arts and Sciences

The requirements for admission into the undergraduate College of Arts and Sciences programs are the same as those for admission to Quinnipiac University.

Admission to the university is competitive, and applicants are expected to present a strong college prep program in high school. Prospective freshmen are strongly encouraged to file an application as early in the senior year as possible, and arrange to have first quarter grades sent from their high school counselor as soon as they are available.

For detailed admission requirements, including required documents, please visit the Admissions page of this catalog.