Biomedical Sciences Program

Program Contact: Dwayne Boucaud 203-582-3768

Medical laboratory research and diagnostic testing are among today’s most exciting professions. The last decade has brought many exciting breakthroughs in the diagnosis and treatment of disease as well as new challenges such as AIDS, Lyme disease and the resurgence of tuberculosis. These new developments and challenges require laboratory professionals to stay on the cutting edge of their field. New techniques have to be mastered, new theories and concepts understood, and new means of managing the more complex operations of laboratories developed. The Biomedical Sciences program at Quinnipiac is specially designed to meet the educational needs of students to complete their education toward a degree in medicine or PhD programs or employment in the research/development industry and diagnostic companies. The program provides the training that is necessary to stay current with today’s rapidly changing technology and to assume positions of greater responsibility. A laptop is required for all students enrolled in the MHS in Biomedical Sciences program.