Entry-Level Professional Doctor of Occupational Therapy

Program Contact:  Salvador Bondoc 203-582-3727

Our Entry-Level Professional Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD) program prepares students with a breadth and depth of knowledge and skills to practice autonomously or collaboratively within various health care, educational and social systems. Our curriculum consists of three distinct elements:

  • Academics: didactics integrated with laboratory and immersive clinical experiences
  • Clinicals: two 12-week, full-time fieldwork experiences designed to prepare students for entry-level practice
  • Capstone: doctoral capstone seminar series that culminate in a 14-week doctoral capstone experience and scholarly project that represents in-depth knowledge in occupational therapy

Throughout each phase of the program, each student is required to maintain a professional portfolio that coincides with the program's learning outcomes. The Entry-Level Professional OTD program is a full-time, intensive program designed to be completed in three years. Students admitted to the program are required to take 11 credits of graduate coursework in Clinical Anatomy, Neuroanatomy, and the Philosophy and Science of Occupational Therapy. Students complete 10 semesters (Fall, Spring, Summer) of coursework for a total of 124 credits.