Cardiovascular Perfusion Program

Program Contact: Michael Smith 203-582-3427

The perfusionist provides consultation to the physician in the selection of the appropriate equipment and techniques to be used during extracorporeal circulation. During cardiopulmonary bypass, the perfusionist provides life support to the patient while the heart and lungs are stopped to enable the surgeon to operate. Perfusionists administer blood products, anesthetic agents and drugs through the extracorporeal circuit. The perfusionist is responsible for the induction of hypothermia and other duties, when required. Perfusionists have a role in the implementation and operation of ventricular assist devices designed to provide long-term circulatory support for the failing heart.

You will learn to operate the equipment perfusionists use to support or replace a patient’s heart and lung functions during cardiac surgery and to monitor vital cardiopulmonary signs to keep the patient stable. You’ll also learn to administer the appropriate medications and anesthesia during surgery. 

Our program is one of only eight in the nation that offers graduate-level training in this profession. As cardiovascular disease becomes increasingly common, the employment opportunities in this field continue to expand, and we prepare you to enter the workforce with a competitive advantage. 

A strong sense of responsibility and the capacity to work effectively with other professionals in a high-pressure environment are essential qualities of successful cardiovascular perfusionists. You’ll acquire both during group activities and clinical work. Plus, you’ll learn in our technologically sophisticated Center for Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences. 

This program is fully accredited by the Accreditation Committee—Perfusion Education (519 West Ridge Road Littleton, CO 80120) under the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs.