Bachelor of Arts in Theater

Program Contact: Kevin Daly   203-582-3500

The Bachelor of Arts in Theater  at Quinnipiac University prepares students for meaningful careers and graduate studies in all areas of theater performance and production.

After completing the core requirements, upperclassmen enroll in advanced electives and participate in a senior seminar where they engage in a culminating project.  All theater majors are required to complete at least one competitive internship, professional experience, or conservatory semester.  Students are strongly encouraged to take on portfolio building roles within our MainStage season and at local professional theaters. 

The MainStage season includes contemporary and classical plays, popular musicals, and original works. Professional artists are infused into our process to expose students to professional practices and develop career-enhancing relationships that will serve them long after they graduate.

The BA in Theater is a great choice for students who enjoy collaboration and wish to explore creative careers within the theater arts and allied disciplines.

BA in Theater Curriculum 

Students majoring in theater must meet the following requirements for graduation:

University Curriculum 146
College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum 221-24
Theater Core Requirements
DR 140Stagecraft3
DR 160Acting I3
DR 230Directing I3
DR 270World Theater History and Dramatic Literature I3
DR 257Design for the Theater3
DR 275World Theater History and Dramatic Literature II3
DR 286Script Analysis3
DR 350Playwriting I3
DR 370Internship, Conservatory or Professional Experience3
DR 410Senior Seminar3
Select two DR electives:6
Any DR Course
Any DR Course 200-level or higher
Free Electives17-20
Total Credits120-126

College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum

The College of Arts and Sciences offers bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degrees. Students earning either degree must complete one foreign language through the 102-level, and all students are encouraged to pursue a balanced program of study.

In addition, students earning a bachelor of arts degree must fulfill separate requirements for breadth and depth of study.

For the breadth requirement, students must complete at least 3 credits in each of the four CAS disciplinary areas other than the area of the student’s major. These areas are fine arts, humanities, natural sciences and social sciences. A course taken to fulfill the CAS breadth requirement may not also be used to fulfill a UC requirement.

For the depth requirement, students must complete at least 9 credits within a single subject area other than that of the major. (A “subject area” is identified with a catalog subject code, such as PL, CJ, WS, MA, etc.) 

A student enrolled in the Accelerated Dual-Degree BA/JD or BS/JD (3+3) program is exempt from these College of Arts and Sciences requirements, with the exception of the foreign language requirement. A student pursuing a double major is likewise exempt from these College of Arts and Sciences requirements, with the exception of the foreign language requirement.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the BA in Theater, students will demonstrate the following competencies:

  1. Understanding: Students develop an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of theater artists: actor, director, scenic/lighting/costume designer, technical director and playwright. 
  2. Conceptual and Critical Thinking: Students develop skills to think conceptually and critically about text, performance and production. 
  3. Self-Appraisal: Students will develop the skills to self-assess, critique and revise their own work.  
  4. Literacy: Students will develop a fundamental knowledge of theatrical history as well as dramatic literature.
  5. Production Skills and Knowledge: Students will develop the skills and techniques necessary for realizing a variety of theatrical styles.  

   6. Collaboration Skills: Students will develop skills in collective problem-solving.  

Admission Requirements: College of Arts and Sciences

The requirements for admission into the undergraduate College of Arts and Sciences programs are the same as those for admission to Quinnipiac University.

Admission to the university is competitive, and applicants are expected to present a strong college prep program in high school. Prospective first-year students are strongly encouraged to file an application as early in the senior year as possible, and arrange to have first quarter grades sent from their high school counselor as soon as they are available.

For detailed admission requirements, including required documents, please visit the Admissions page of this catalog.

Seamless Transfer Agreement with Gateway Community College (GCC), Housatonic Community College (HCC) and Norwalk Community College (NCC)

Under this Transfer Agreement, GCC, HCC and NCC graduates will be guaranteed admission into a bachelor’s degree program with third year (junior) status at Quinnipiac University on the condition that they: 

  • Graduate with an associate in arts, an associate in science in business, College of Technology engineering science, nursing or an allied health degree with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 (this may be higher in specific programs). 
  • Satisfy all other Quinnipiac University transfer admission requirements and requirements for intended major.

Quinnipiac University agrees to accept the general education embedded in these associate degree programs in accordance with Quinnipiac preferred choices for general education as meeting all the requirements of its undergraduate general education except for the Integrative Capstone Experience and where courses are encumbered by the major (e.g., General Chemistry for the Disciplinary Inquiry Natural Science requirement for a Biochemistry major).

Suggested Transfer Curriculum for BA in Theater

A minimum of 60 credits is required for transfer into the BA in Theater program. Below is a recommended plan of study for the first two years prior to matriculation at Quinnipiac University.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
Fall SemesterCredits
English I 3
Theater History I 3
Acting I 3
Elective 3-4
Elective 3
Spring Semester
English II 3
Stagecraft 3
Elective 3
Elective 3
Elective 3
Second Year
Fall Semester
Voice and Diction 3
Elective 3-4
Elective 3
Elective 3
Elective 3
Spring Semester
Acting 2 3
Elective 3
Elective 3
Elective 3
Elective 3
 Total Credits60-62

Students planning to transfer into the BA in Theater program at Quinnipiac University are highly encouraged to contact Theater Program Director, Kevin Daly, to discuss ways they can begin preparing for their senior project proposal during their first two years of college.