Minor in Fine Arts

Program Contact:  Stephen Henderson   203-582-3751

The Department of Visual and Performing Arts offers a minor for students interested in exploring the fine arts. The different tracks in fine arts are designed to advance each student’s unique abilities in creative thinking and artistic processes, in addition to developing a basic foundation in visual literacy.

A Minor in Fine Arts not only expands your knowledge of artists and their work, but also refines the lens through which you view, understand and critique works of art—from the medieval period to the present day. Whether your interest is focused exclusively in the history and interpretation of art, or whether you are seeking a more hands-on approach to develop your artistic skills, three separate tracks enable you to engage with subject matter on terms that match your personal goals.

The art history track traces the development of aesthetic movements and the artists associated with them. It also enriches your understanding of how the visual arts shape various cultural and social contexts. The studio art track enables you to experiment with materials, artistic strategies, composition and form. Regardless of your level of skill, courses in visual design, drawing, photography and other disciplines give you the opportunity to express your own concepts. The interdisciplinary track blends art history with courses in music, drama and film to illustrate the degree to which the visual arts have inspired and informed other expressive mediums.