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The Accelerated Dual-Degree BA in Theater/MBA or MSA (3+1) offers highly motivated students an opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Theater from the College of Arts and Sciences and either a Master of Business Administration or Master of Science in Accounting from the School of Business in 4 years. By pairing their passion for the dramatic arts with either the MBA or MS in Accounting degree, theater students substantially increase their employability and earning power upon graduation without compromising the personal, interpersonal and intellectual growth that a liberal arts education offers.

These programs offer advantages to students who have a passion for theater and an ambition for a career in the global business landscape. The study of theater sharpens self-confidence and public speaking skills while developing empathy. Theater students engage in hands-on problem solving, take on leadership roles and become creative thinkers with an intrinsic, “get-the-job-done” work ethic. A student who wishes to separate their resume from the pack while developing the above skills and earning a respected degree in business might consider this accelerated dual-degree program as a differentiator.

Both programs also are advantageous to students who wish to pursue leadership roles within the professional entertainment industry. There is a demand within the industry for skilled business leaders who can pair advanced administrative and financial skills with a core understanding of theater arts. Examples of lucrative jobs that accelerated dual-degree students would be uniquely qualified for include executive director, producer, managing director and artistic director. The MSA additionally makes graduates 150-hours ready for the national CPA exam, and places them on track for careers as production accountants, chief accounting officers and CFOs.    


Students in this program must complete the requirements for the BA in Theater during their first three years at Quinnipiac. Students must complete the requirements for one of the following graduate programs in Business by the end of their fourth year:

Students interested in the Accelerated Dual-Degree BA in Theater/MSA track are required to minor in accounting their first three years.

Upon completion of the BA in Theater, students will develop the following competencies:

  1. Understanding: Develop an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of theater artists: actor, director, scenic/lighting/costume designer, technical director and playwright.

  2. Conceptual and Critical Thinking: Develop skills to think conceptually and critically about text, performance and production.

  3. Self-Appraisal: Develop the skills to self-assess, critique and revise their own work.  

  4. Literacy: Develop a fundamental knowledge of theatrical history as well as dramatic literature.

  5. Production Skills and Knowledge: Develop the skills and techniques necessary for realizing a variety of theatrical styles. 

  6. Collaboration Skills: Develop skills in collective problem solving.

Upon completion of the MBA, students will develop the following competencies:

  1. Business Analytic Skills: Demonstrate the ability to understand, interpret and develop data-driven approaches for business decision-making, and understand and use business information and metrics to assess business problems, identify opportunities and offer solutions. 

  2. Managing People and Organizations: Demonstrate the ability to manage professional relationships and ability to drive organizational growth and change.

  3. Strategic Integration: Demonstrate the ability to assess a business situation and identify key dynamics and constraints, and to formulate and implement an effective response.

  4. Business and Society: Demonstrate the ability to understand the relationship between business and society, and apply knowledge of ethics, social responsibility and sustainability to business situations.

  5. Application of Business Knowledge: Demonstrate knowledge of core business functions, integrate this knowledge to address business problems and opportunities, and evaluate and apply emerging practices, technologies and ideations that can impact the future of business practices and work.

Upon completion of the MS in Accounting, students will develop the following competencies:

  1. Professional Communication: an ability to communicate complex accounting reports and other financial information in both technical and common language; a proficiency in the use of information technology packages to process information and to effectively complete tasks in applicable areas.

  2. Business Analytics and Critical Thinking: proficiency in the use of statistical and analytical tools to analyze complex accounting problems and will be able to make practical and reliable decisions as appropriate in order to resolve problems.

  3. Business Environment: the capacity to recognize ethical issues encountered in public and private accounting environments and consider resolutions that are legal and ethical with appropriate consideration on the firms’ material stakeholders; knowledge of the issues involved in Multinational Corporation accounting including a strong understanding of the issues in international financial reporting standards.

  4. Accounting Integration: knowledge of the principles and standards applied to financial reporting for U.S. corporations (U.S. GAAP) and to financial reporting for specialized industries and organizations such as non-profits and governments; an understanding of the relevant professional standards.

The Accelerated Dual-Degree MBA/MS program is designed for outstanding applicants. Students are offered acceptance into the program upon admission to Quinnipiac University. 

Admission to the university is competitive, and applicants are expected to present a strong college prep program in high school. Prospective first-year students are strongly encouraged to file an application as early in the senior year as possible, and arrange to have first quarter grades sent from their high school counselor as soon as they are available.

For detailed admission requirements, including required documents, please visit the Admissions page of this catalog.