Spanish (SP)

SP 500. Special Topics.3 Credits.

Offered: As needed

SP 501. Spanish Grammar.3 Credits.

This intensive study of the Spanish language at the advanced level builds on students' prior knowledge of the forms and paradigms of Spanish. Students receive instruction in verb tense usage, sentence syntax, lexical choices, nuances of word order and idiomatic usage. Emphasis is placed on composition skills and clarity of expression. Exercises to solidify knowledge are used extensively.

Offered: Every Third Year, Fall

SP 517. Literary Genres.3 Credits.

Literary genres and their manifestations in Spanish and Spanish-American literature are studied in depth in this course.

Offered: As needed

SP 528. Spanish-American Literature.3 Credits.

This study of the major literary productions from Spanish America begins with the Conquest, continues through the Colonial period, Independence, modernism, and early 20th-century realism, and concludes with manifestations of late 20th-century experimentation.

Offered: Every Third Year, Spring

SP 535. Nineteenth-Century Literature of Spain.3 Credits.

Students in this course study the major works of poetry, drama and novel of 19th-century Spain. Movements include romanticism, realism and naturalism. Major authors considered are Espronceda, Zorrilla, Perez Galdos, and Alarcon.

Offered: Every Third Year, Spring

SP 548. Golden Age Drama and Poetry.3 Credits.

This study of the major dramatists and poets of the Siglo de Oro (16th and 17th centuries) of Spain covers Renaissance and Baroque styles. Major authors considered include Lope de Vega, Tirso de Molina, Calderon de la Barca, Garcilaso and Gongora.

Offered: Every Third Year, Spring

SP 551L. Spanish Lab.1 Credit.

Lab to accompany a graduate MAT Spanish course.

Offered: Every year, Spring

SP 552L. Spanish Lab.1 Credit.

Lab to accompany a graduate MAT Spanish course.

Offered: Every year, Fall

SP 553L. Spanish Lab.1 Credit.

Lab to accompany a graduate MAT Spanish course.

Offered: Every year, Summer

SP 565. Contemporary Spanish-American Fiction: Cien Anos de Soledad and la Casa de los espiritus.3 Credits.

This course pairs two of the most highly acclaimed and frequently discussed novels of the second half of 20th-century Spanish America: "Cien anos de soledad" by Nobel Prize winner, Colombian, Gabriel Garcia Marquez (1967) and "La casa de los espĂ­ritus" by Chilean, Isabel Allende (1982). Students read and discuss both novels in depth in terms of their portrayals of Spanish-American history and culture and analyze the relationship between the two novels to develop an understanding of Allende's challenge to Marquez's cosmovision and sense of telos. Prerequisites: three literature courses taught in Spanish or acceptance into the MAT program in Spanish.

Offered: Every other year, Fall

SP 570. The Modern Spanish Short Story.3 Credits.

The short story as a genre as well as 19th- and 20th-century masterpieces written in Spain and Latin America are explored with close literary and linguistic analysis of each text and also consideration of its cultural context.

Offered: Every year, Summer

SP 571. The Romance Languages.3 Credits.

This linguistics course examines the origins and development of Romance languages with particular attention to Spanish.

Offered: Every year, All

SP 573. Contemporary Drama.3 Credits.

Contemporary drama from Spain and Spanish America is studied in depth with close literary analysis of texts in combination with a consideration of their cultural contexts.

Offered: Every Third Year, Fall

SP 576. The Spanish Caribbean.3 Credits.

This course studies the peoples, history and society of Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic as well as their artistic and literary expression. Also, features of the Spanish language (semantics and grammar) as spoken in the Caribbean are examined.

Offered: Every Third Year, Spring

SP 599. Independent Study.1-6 Credits.

Directed study in topics in Spanish language, culture or literature of special interest to the student.

Offered: As needed, All