FTM 501. Master's Colloquy,Production Reconstruction.3 Credits.

This introductory seminar covers the history of Hollywood and common production management professions in narrative feature film, episodic narrative, situation comedy television and documentary film making. The roles and responsibilities of production office coordinators, location managers, directors, producers, line producers, production managers, assistant directors and the heads of some production departments are discussed.,: This class will teach and expand students' understanding of all aspects of prepping a feature film through lectures, experiential role-playing and weekly assignments. Students will analyze a produced film and will "recreate" all the steps to get into production including scheduling and budgeting through the use of industry standard software.

Offered: Every year, Fall

FTM 502. Advanced Production Management Workflow.3 Credits.

Students gain an overview of studio, independent, broadcast and streaming platforms content and management workflow needs. Contemporary practices in pre-production and production are stressed. Students pre-produce an episodic television show from the perspective of various production personnel and hold production meetings to gain an understanding of the pre-production and production process workflow for theatrical, TV episodic, TV situation comedy and documentary production including interactions with talent agencies and union signatory contracts.

FTM 503. Screenwriting I.3 Credits.

Students learn to shape stories for the screen and gain a comprehensive understanding of Final Draft. Emphasis is on concept development, dramatic structuring, character development, pacing and dialogue. Professional screenplays are analyzed and discussed, and final projects give students the opportunity to develop an original screenplay, episodic series or a documentary outline and production plan.

FTM 504. Production Scheduling and Introduction to Production Budgeting.3 Credits.

Students are given a finished but unproduced short screenplay or television episode and learn to break down and fully schedule that project. Theory of scheduling and output of details from the program are stressed.

FTM 505. Entertainment Law and Deal Making Practice.3 Credits.

Students gain an overview of contemporary entertainment law in regards to production including options, contracts, negotiations, copyright, IP, and licensing. Topics covers include how a producer protects themselves legally, find representation, and how to close deals.

FTM 506. Screenwriting II and Production Workshop.3 Credits.

Students author a theatrical feature screenplay or a pilot for an episodic television series or the full production plan for a documentary television multi-part series. In addition, they will also author, pre-produce, shoot, edit and distribute a 5-minute micro film.

Offered: Every year, Spring

FTM 507. Production Budgeting.3 Credits.

Using industry-standard software packages, students plan and budget an unproduced short film. Special attention is paid to: location(s) of shoot; union globals and fringes and non-union and union taxes; contemporary practice in completion bonds. Guild and DGA surety bonds and Insurance requirements are also stressed.

FTM 508. Principles of Domestic and Worldwide Production Office Management Practices,Domestic and Worldwide Distribution and Sales for Film and TV.3 Credits.

Students gain an overview of contemporary domestic and international production management practices: office administration, paperwork and work flow; carnets, business visas, insurance and surety bond liability and management; industry national and international HR practices and payroll; international, state and local film, television and documentary production rules and regulations; tax incentives and responsibilities; national and international trade unions rules, rates, penalties, common regulations, compliances, visa requirements and international signatory practices.

FTM 509. Principles of Film, Television and Streaming Media Analytics, Sales and Distribution.3 Credits.

Students gain an overview of film, television and streaming media analytics and their applications. The international sales marketplace is examined with special emphasis agreements for international advertising, distribution and marketing. Students will create a business plan for a production company.

FTM 510. Principles of Post-Production Management.3 Credits.

Students gain an overview of post-production management including: staff roles and post production responsibilities, data storage and management, directors and authors rights and responsibilities to final cut, licensing, graphics and titling.

FTM 601. Production Management Thesis Production.6 Credits.

Students polish their screenplay to final draft, schedule and budget their script, finalize their look book and produce a three to four scene sizzle reel of their script. Thesis Paper on topic of film required.,Students finalize their optioned (or authored) screenplay, schedule and budget their script, create a finance plan, pitch deck and look book, and produce a "proof of concept" or a rip reel. Pitch final project to professional producer(s) and financier(s).