SEL 600. Introduction to Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and School Climate: Academy/Orientation.1 Credit.

This course introduces students to the basic technology used throughout the program. Students receive a preview of the contents of the other courses to gain an understanding of how they connect to the development of the capstone project. Self-paced over 12 weeks.

Prerequisites: None
Offered: Every year, Summer

SEL 601. Research Deep Dive - Social and Emotional Learning and School Climate.3 Credits.

This course provides an introduction to the foundational research in social and emotional learning and school climate, as well as an introduction to critiquing research. The research reviewed is drawn from multiple fields, including child and cognitive development, trauma-informed instruction, and learning science.

Prerequisites: Take SEL 600.
Offered: Every year, Fall Online

SEL 602. Self-Care and Resiliency for Practitioners.3 Credits.

This course focuses on the importance of healthy adults in promoting proactive and collaborative SEL climates. Using narrative explorations to promote resiliency, this course builds awareness around multi-voiced concepts of what self-care and resiliency mean, and considers how Intersectional issues of race, class, gender, and sexuality further inform and complicate SEL curricula and school change initiatives.

Prerequisites: Take SEL 601.
Offered: Every year, Fall Online

SEL 603. Transforming Instruction with SEL Insights.3 Credits.

This course focuses on transforming curriculum and pedagogy with insights from research relating to SEL. Students gain an understanding of culturally relevant pedagogy, whole child needs assessments, and holistic management and instruction tools.

Prerequisites: Take SEL 602.
Offered: Every year, Spring Online

SEL 604. Leadership for SEL School Communities.3 Credits.

This course develops skills to lead school communities in the promotion of whole child well-being and supportive climates for teachers, students, staff and families. Students work to understand the effects of policy and procedures with an SEL lens, and also learn consensus, collaboration and no-fault problem-solving strategies.

Prerequisites: Take SEL 603.
Offered: Every year, Spring Online

SEL 605. SEL Capstone Planning Project.1 Credit.

Candidates design a self-defined capstone project, which implements their study and critique of the research to an applied problem of practice in their respective school environments. Each candidate is responsible for planning the development, implementation and assessment design of the project under the guidance of a university mentor and adviser.

Prerequisites: Take SEL 604.
Offered: Every year, Summer Online

SEL 606. Capstone Implementation Project.1 Credit.

Candidates implement the project designed in the summer SEL 605 planning capstone. Project data is collected and analyzed with the oversight of the university adviser and mentor. Project results are presented in the fall semester for certificate completion.

Prerequisites: Take SEL 605.
Offered: Every year, Fall Online