Economics (EC)

EC 600. Managerial Economics.3 Credits.

This course considers the practical application of the tools of economic analysis to the solution of important business problems. An examination of analysis of demand, cost and output, market structure and pricing policies is included.

Offered: Every year, All

EC 641. Money and Banking.3 Credits.

The course addresses the roles that money and banks play in the economy and the regulatory framework that delineates these roles. The course also discusses financial instruments and the behavior of interest rates. The structure and function of the Federal Reserve and the role of monetary policy in stabilizing the economy are examined. The course develops the varying monetary theories that fuel an ongoing debate over the effectiveness of monetary policy. In addition, international financial markets and their role in an increasingly more open and volatile world economy are explored.

Prerequisites: Take EC 600 or EC 601;
Offered: Every other year

EC 650. International Economics.3 Credits.

This course provides a rigorous analysis of theory and practice in international trade. Topics include in-depth study of trade models--the Ricardian model, the Heckscher-Ohlin model, and the standard trade model--the instruments and the political economy of the international trade policies, monetary theory of trade, balance of payments, exchange rate systems, and international monetary systems.

Prerequisites: Take EC 600;
Offered: Every year, Summer

EC 662. Economics Analysis and Law.3 Credits.

This course introduces economic analysis of law. Emphasis is placed on business applications. The common law areas of tort, contract, and property are examined in addition to legal procedure and criminal law. This course evaluates the outcomes of theoretical models, however, empirical results are also analyzed.

Offered: As needed

EC 688. Independent Study - Economics.3 Credits.

Permission of the MBA director and School of Business dean is required.

Offered: As needed, All

EC 689. Internship - Economics.3-6 Credits.

Permission of the MBA director and School of Business dean is required.

Offered: As needed, All