Management (MG)

MG 603. Project Management.3 Credits.

Designed to provide a comprehensive coverage of the activities, tasks and techniques of project management, this course focuses on both the behavioral and the analytical skills required for successful project completion. On the behavioral side, the course examines how organizational issues contribute to project success/failure and how effective teams are fashioned. Analytic topics include: cost and resource estimation, Gantt charts, PERT/CPM, and resource load charts. The goal of the course is to provide students with the skills to plan and control complex projects. Students can receive credit for only one of the following courses: MG 603, OL 640 and CIS 690.

Offered: As needed

MG 639. Special Topics.3 Credits.

Offered: As needed

MG 641. Supply Chain Management.3 Credits.

This course integrates concepts, strategies and analytical techniques to improve production systems that create and deliver a firm's products and services. It offers an integrated view of supply chain systems by including suppliers, manufacturers, warehouses, transportation, retailers and services providers. Based on key concepts such as the value of information, coordinated product and supply chain design, and international supply chain opportunities, the following areas are emphasized: product realization, order fulfillment, production/inventory management, distribution channels and information systems.

Prerequisites: Take MBA 635;
Offered: Every year, Fall

MG 642. Logistics Management.3 Credits.

Logistics ensures the flow of raw materials and finished products in a supply chain. Given the global commerce, the flow of materials has increased the size and complexity of logistical operations. In this course, students develop an understanding of functional areas of logistics: order processing, transportation, inventory, warehousing, materials handling and packaging and facility design. Within these functional areas, students learn to analyze the trade-offs involved with key decisions. The course strongly emphasizes the use of analytical models and methods for the decision-making process. Excel is the platform considered for decision-making purposes.

Offered: Every year, Spring

MG 643. Strategic Sourcing and Supply Management.3 Credits.

This course explores strategic sourcing and supply management in the industrial purchasing cycle for operating supplies, raw materials, components and services. The course includes the use of Excel-based analytical models and methods to enhance the decision-making process. Topics include strategic issues relating to the procurement decision process including supplier selection and evaluation, supplier development, make-versus-buy decision, JIT purchasing, e-purchasing and the interrelationships between purchasing and other areas of the organization and the supply chain.

Prerequisites: Take MBA 635;
Offered: Every year, Fall

MG 688. Independent Study - Management.3 Credits.

A faculty sponsor and permission of the MBA director and School of Business dean are required.

Offered: As needed, All