Transfer of Credit and Challenge Policy

Graduate course credit completed with a grade of B or better at other regionally accredited institutions may be transferred into a graduate program at Quinnipiac. The normal limit for transfer credits is 9 credits, though additional transfer credits may be considered on an individual basis. Requests for transfer of credit must be submitted to the appropriate graduate program director along with official transcripts from the institution(s) where the credits were earned. Ordinarily, transfer of credit is granted for courses demonstrated to be similar in content, level of instruction and objectives to courses within a student’s graduate curriculum at Quinnipiac.

The Anesthesiologist Assistant, Cardiovascular Perfusion, Physician Assistant, Pathologists’ Assistant and Radiologist Assistant programs do not accept transfer credits and do not accept applications for challenge examinations. The Master of Arts in Teaching program may accept up to 6 credits. The Nurse Anesthesia program will only consider transfer credits of the nursing core essentials, not sciences or anesthesia courses. Challenge examinations are not accepted.

The MBA program accepts up to 9 credits. The MS in Organizational Leadership accepts up to 3 credits. The MS in Business Analytics program accepts up to 3 credits. The Master of Social Work program may accept up to 6 credits.

Graduate level courses taken to complete a degree program at Quinnipiac may be applied to a second graduate degree. These courses must be part of the approved curriculum of the second degree. Further, a minimum of 15 credits of additional course work must be completed before the conferral of a second degree.

In individual graduate programs, students with documented graduate level training or experience may petition to earn credit through challenge examinations. Applications for challenge examinations are submitted to the appropriate graduate program director. The application must include a detailed description and documentation of the nature and scope of the student’s training together with specific reference to the content of the graduate course(s) the student wishes to challenge. Applications for challenge exams are evaluated by the normal instructor of the course(s) and are reviewed by the appropriate academic dean. If the application is approved, an examination is prepared and administered by the course instructor. The examination may be taken only once and if successfully completed, it becomes part of the student’s permanent file and credit for the graduate course(s) is awarded. Challenge exams are not permitted in the MBA, MS in Public Relations, MS in Business Analytics or MS in Organizational Leadership. Note: There is a fee for challenge exams.