Quinnipiac University is committed to having its students take courses that best fit their required curricula at the appropriate academic level. Once undergraduate students have matriculated at Quinnipiac, they normally are not allowed to take courses for credit elsewhere. If there is a compelling academic reason, the university will accept up to two courses for transfer credit from an accredited institution, assuming grades of “C” or better (the grade earned elsewhere does not transfer). To receive credit, the course(s) must be preapproved by the appropriate dean based on an official course description provided by the student. Ordinarily, permission to take a summer or intersession course elsewhere is NOT given if:

  1. The course (or an equivalent that meets the requirement) is offered online during the same period by Quinnipiac.
  2. The course is offered during the same period on the Quinnipiac campus and the student is residing in the state of Connecticut.

If either of these two requirements is inappropriate for an individual student, they may petition for an exception from the dean through the university’s Variant Procedure process. Once a student has completed (or transferred) a total of 48 credits, they will not be permitted to take a course at a junior or community college offering two-year terminal degrees. Once a student has earned 90 credits, no transfer credit may be awarded. Students who study abroad during the summer or winter intercession are exempt from the two-course limit.

Quinnipiac University has different policies that apply to courses taken elsewhere through its approved Study Abroad and Washington, D.C., Semester programs. Courses preapproved by the appropriate dean taken through the Acadeum consortium are considered Quinnipiac credit; both the grade and credit earned are notated on the Quinnipiac transcript and they may be taken before or after a student has earned 90 credits.

Please see the Advanced Standing/Placement page of the catalog for more information on transferring credit for incoming first-year and incoming undergraduate transfer students.