Policy Regarding Pregnant and Parenting Students

Excused Absences

Absences due to pregnancy or childbirth must be excused for as long as is deemed medically necessary by the student’s doctor. Students may make up work they missed while out due to pregnancy or any related conditions, including recovery from childbirth. If a professor awards “points” for class attendance, students must be given the opportunity to earn back the credit from classes missed because of pregnancy. Students need to request any adjustments. A school cannot provide any service, modification or reasonable adjustment when it does not know that one is required. It is the student’s responsibility to make her needs known in advance. Title IX prohibits schools from assuming that pregnant students cannot attend school or participate in school activities. Students must apply for pregnancy adjustments in a timely manner. The university cannot go back in time to make adjustments. Students should communicate with their professors and the Title IX coordinator.

Class Attendance and Participation in Activities

Pregnant and/or parenting students may not be prevented from attending class on the basis of pregnancy. Pregnant or parenting students must be allowed to continue participating in activities and programs outside of class such as sporting, extracurricular activities, labs and career rotations.

Any pregnant students, or students planning to become pregnant, should consult their health care provider to determine what, if any, additional precautions are needed based on their individual situation. It is the responsibility of students to communicate their needs to the Title IX coordinator as soon as possible for risk-reduction to begin when it can be most effective, and to determine if additional modifications are necessary. While the university cannot mandate that the student notify it that she is pregnant or is planning to become pregnant, the university strongly recommends that students do provide notification so appropriate steps can be taken to ensure the health of both parent and child. 


Schools cannot terminate or reduce athletic, merit or need-based scholarships because of pregnancy. 

Parenting Students

Pregnant and parenting students are often discussed as a single group under Title IX of the Education Act of 1972. While Title IX does not legally mandate that parents be excused for taking their children to medical appointments or caring for a sick child, documentation may be provided to the Title IX coordinator when seeking information regarding any options for parenting students to make up work and not fall behind.

Quinnipiac University is committed to creating an accessible and inclusive environment for pregnant and parenting students. The U.S. Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights addressed guidelines, strategies and best practices in the June 2013 Dear Colleague Letter.