Inclement Weather Policy

It is Quinnipiac's policy to remain open under adverse weather conditions such as snowstorms, so that the university can meet its responsibilities to all of its students. Occasionally, weather conditions will prompt the university to delay, cancel or postpone classes. There are also times when the university shuts down because of adverse weather conditions.

It is ultimately the responsibility of the individual to determine whether he or she can travel safely to and from the university. Staff members who are concerned for their safety or who have additional personal responsibilities resulting from a weather-related closing can use personal or vacation time when the university remains open. Staff members are required to notify their supervisors if they plan to use personal or vacation time.
Faculty members are expected to teach all classes when the university is open, and students are expected to attend them. If extreme conditions prevent a faculty member from meeting a scheduled class, he or she is asked to use email or Blackboard to communicate with students in a timely manner. Faculty members are also expected to notify their chairs and deans if a class is canceled.
Employees who are deemed essential staff are required to report to work regardless of whether the university is closed.

Information related to cancellation and closing is carried by the following university-affiliated media and resources:

QU Mobile Wireless Emergency Text Message System
Quinnipiac News Emails
Quinnipiac Weather Phone: 203-582-8989