A student who fails a required course must repeat that course. When the student earns a passing grade for the failed course, that grade and those credits are calculated in the student’s cumulative average. The student’s transcript will continue to display the failed course as part of the student’s complete academic record. A student who fails an elective course may repeat that course to earn a passing grade. The passing grade and credits become part of the student’s cumulative GPA; the record of the failing grade remains on the transcript.

Though the D grade normally is a passing grade, it is the prerogative of each department to set higher grade requirements in certain major courses. When such departmental requirements exist, students are so informed by their respective departments.

Courses with C- or D grades may be repeated only if the course is a foundation for further study or meets a specific graduation requirement. If a C- or D grade is repeated, no credits are added, but the most recent grade in the course applies.