Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Program Contact:   Jennifer Sacco   203-582-8972

The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science program provides courses that balance social scientific analysis of power relations with a focus on the politics and values of community. Through their coursework and activities, students develop foundational knowledge regarding the causes and consequences of socioeconomic inequalities in the U.S. and around the world; the rise of the U.S. as a global power and how that power is used; the major environmental, political and socioeconomic threats facing the global community; and the historical development of American democracy and its application to contemporary political challenges.

Political science majors also develop the ability to engage in normative and empirical forms of inquiry: they can explain how different subfields in the discipline approach the study of politics scientifically, and they can critically analyze the justifications for individual political actions and governmental policies using normative and ethical reasoning. Students complete the major with a senior seminar in which they engage major questions in political science and develop a sustained, independently conceived contribution to these questions in the form of a senior thesis. Upon graduation, political science majors have the tools necessary for active, informed and sustained engagement with the political process.

In addition to the core requirements common to all political science majors, students may choose to concentrate their studies either in the politics track, the public policy and leadership track, or the global affairs track. For more information about these three tracks, see the Tracks tab. The department strongly advises students as they design their academic and professional development outside the political science major. Extracurricular leadership activities, courses in diversity, and a background in statistics and economics are encouraged as ways to support learning in the public policy and leadership track.

Because experiences in government or politics are key to learning how to apply and transfer knowledge gained in the classroom to the professional or civic realm, political science majors at Quinnipiac are required to have a for-credit experiential learning course or internship. Students may choose between an advanced internship, a course in the QU in DC program, a political science course taken as part of a Study Abroad semester, or a course where academic learning is integrated with a community service learning project. More information about the experiential learning requirement can be found on the Curriculum tab