Minor in Philosophy

Program Contact: Scott McLean  203-582-8686

A basic understanding of philosophy complements virtually every subject, from science to the humanities. With a minor in philosophy, students discover how the wisdom of ancient philosophers applies to our modern world and study a vast array of global philosophies, cultures and religions. You will examine some of the most pressing moral and ethical questions facing the world today. You’ll learn not only how to think independently and logically, but also how to effectively communicate your thoughts—essential and transferrable professional skills, particularly in the fields of medicine, politics, law and teaching.

Students have the flexibility to design your minor by choosing from a wide selection of courses that explore areas such as philosophy of art, human rights, bioethics, war and technology. 

Quinnipiac's minor in philosophy offers an adventure in thinking and talking about our own ideas as well as those of great philosophers, past and present, with reference to the moral life, power and wealth, and humanity's relation to nature and to the future of the planet.

Philosophy Minor Curriculum

PL 101Introduction to Philosophy3
Select five courses in philosophy15
Logical Reasoning
Contemporary Social and Political Philosophy (PO 217)
Ethics and Human Values
Philosophies of Health, Healing and Medicine
Philosophy of Science
Philosophy of Language
Philosophy of Mind
Philosophy of Technology and Social Transformation
Philosophy of Sport (SPS 240)
Philosophy of Art
Living Religions of the World
Diverse Global Philosophies
Philosophy of Religion
Independent Study in Philosophy
Philosophy of War and Peace (PO 312)
Thought and Work of Albert Schweitzer (SL:Service Learning)
Philosophy and Gender (WS 330)
Philosophy of Humor
Ancient Philosophy
Modern Philosophy
Medieval Philosophy
Contemporary Philosophy
Human Rights: Theory and Practice (PO 337)
Philosophy of Sex and Love
Philosophy of Death and Dying
Critical Game Studies (GDD 395)
Total Credits18